What is Improv Roulette?

Improv Roulette is a multidisciplinary collaborative performance experiment. Participants work together to create in-the-moment reactive performances. Through this exploration, participants are able to practice improvisation techniques in a safe, low pressure setting. performers of any genre or skill level are welcome. The goals of Improv Roulette are to foster collaboration, community, and creative spontaneity.

Why Improv Roulette?

Practicing with intention is necessary in your quest to become a stronger performer, but it is also valuable to improvise freely and experiment. Soloists can really explore when they aren’t thinking about performing a polished piece. Sometimes it’s helpful to get out of your brain and just react. It taps into a different creative place. Though what you produce may not be as technically proficient, is often more creative, more emotional, and more about experiencing the moment.

Similarly, it is so nice to see two performers from different disciplines creating together if they’ve never collaborated before. People have found that this spontaneous creativity can generate ideas for new collaborations and pieces to be further worked on. I believe in this event and what it allows people to explore and discover in their own performing voices.

Who can participate in an Improv Roulette?

Everyone! It is a casual, accessible community event. It is for the beginner all the way to the professional performer. Improv Roulette is intended to be a multidisciplinary collaborative experiment. Dancers in any style, acrobats, poi artists, hoopers, drummers, guitarists, break dancers, puppetry performers, poets, and singers are all welcome. However, everybody who attends should participate.

Improv Roulette is a safe and supportive space in which to have fun, practice improv techniques, and share the creative process with other members of the community. This event is only as good as the enthusiasm of the participants.

Can I just come to an Improv Roulette and watch?

No!!! If you attend, you must participate. No spectators, only victims participants. Trust me, it’s worth it!

What can I expect at an Improv Roulette?

Every Improv Roulette will be different, but they will all be wonderful experiences. There will be an opportunity to make something with others and an opportunity to make something by yourself. This is your place to experiment and try something that you’ve never done before.

Take risks of the creative kind, not of the physical kind!

What should I bring to an Improv Roulette?

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. This is a casual experiment, not a formal performance. You do not need to wear a costume, however if you feel that a costume helps you get into your performance mode, feel free to wear one.

Please bring a water bottle. Bring a notebook and pen for jotting down ideas, thoughts, and inspiration.

You are welcome to bring safe props.  NO fire or live steel is allowed. If your prop is delicate, valuable, or requires advanced skills in order to use safely please keep the prop with you for the duration of Improv Roulette. Do not add it to the shared prop pile. Improv Roulette is not liable for any damages that occur at an Improv Roulette event.

Oh, and bring friends! Bring people that you would like to share this experience with.

I am interested in becoming a Regional Organizer. What do I need to know?

I’m looking for Regional Organizers that will help nurture the concepts of collaboration, community, and creative spontaneity. Regional Organizers should be dedicated to running and growing Improv Roulette and supporting their local creative community. It is required for Regional Organizers to attend an Improv Roulette event run by Elizabeth Joy prior to inquiring about starting their own chapter. This is in order to maintain a consistent format and quality to all Improv Roulette chapters, no matter where they are located.

For more information on starting an official regional chapter, please email improvroulette@gmail.com with the headline “Regional Organizer Info”.

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