Sophia Ravenna


Sophia Ravenna ~ Seattle, WA Regional Organizer ~ Founded in 2017

Sophia Ravenna is a belly dancer in the Seattle, WA area. She is known for her improvisational fusion style, her fan veils, and her love of the color green.

As a performer, Sophia is inspired by the emotional and visual aspects of dance. She performs to music from a variety of cultures around the world, always searching for songs that speak to her and make her want to move. Her aesthetic is heavily inspired by the Art Nouveau period, with a dash of faerie lore thrown in.

When not practicing to be an even better dancer, Sophia works in social media content creation, reads voraciously, and snuggles any pet she can get her hands on.

You can find Sophia Ravenna on:



For more information about the Seattle Improv Roulette chapter, please contact Sophia at

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